I am an Assistant Professor of Management at California State University - San Marcos. I earned a PhD on Business Administration from the department of Strategic Management and Organization at the University of Alberta School of Business, Edmonton, Canada. I also received a PhD in Public Administration and Government from EAESP-FGV, São Paulo, Brazil.

Coming from a country with severe social problems (especially income inequality), I decided to become an academic to conduct research that could be impactful in solving such issues. I seek to understand these problems through three interrelated streams of research: (1)  how social innovations  and social entrepreneurship are created, diffused and institutionalized; (2) how the collective action of diverse stakeholders contributes to and dampens social change; and (3) how organizations impact grand challenges.

My research lies at the intersection of organization theory, entrepreneurship (especially social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in resource constrained environments), and strategy (non-market strategy and corporate social responsibility). 

Empirically, my work has looked at incubators, social enterprises, industry/technology emergence, social movements, and multi-stakeholders initiatives. Mostly of my research has a focus on emerging economies.  Methodologically, I rely upon a mixed-method approach, utilizing diverse techniques including in-depth case studies, field analytic research,  fQCA (fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis), and econometric analysis.

The picture above is authored by photographer Tuca Vieira. It was taken in São Paulo and has been an emblematic picture to show income inequality.